The CDZ has well-equipped laboratories with modern sophisticated instruments in a state of the art building including computer facilities, adequate for the purpose of facilitating various types of relevant research and services.z The laboratories are moderately equipped with necessary facilities needed for teaching, conducting practical classes and basic research. The main student laboratories are:

1) Fundamental Laboratories (Two)
2) Ecology and Environment Laboratory
3) Entomology Laboratory
4) Fish Biology and Aquaculture Laboratory
5) Parasitology Laboratory
6) Genomics and Molecular Biology Laboratory

In order to support regular practical and research activities, CDZ has a wide range of equipments. Laboratory equipments include microscopes, autoclave, B-haemoglobin photometer, Biological Oxygen Demand Instrument, BOD Incubator, Microtome, Centrifuge, Conductivity meter, Deep freezer, Digital balance, Digital blood pressure, PCR, Tissue homogenizer, UV Trans Illuminator, Haemocytometer, Incubator, Water analysis kits, DO meter, etc. There are many field equipments such as Air guns, Altimeters, Camera, Canopy samplers, GPSs, Binoculars, Range Finders, etc. Equipments available in the department are used in the ecological fieldwork for observation, monitoring and collection of various faunal groups, limnology, entomological collection and identification, investigation of parasites, immunological study, etc.